Traffic Information Centre Baden-Württemberg Increment 2

TIC Baden-Württemberg

In the course of the project "VIZ-Basis I2" the next stage (increment 2) of the base system of the traffic information centre Baden-Württemberg is being planned and realised. team was appointed to plan and supervise the project. The principal is the regional office for traffic engineering (Landesstelle für Straßenverkehrstechnik Abteilung 9) of the regional council Tübingen.

As project planner team determined the system requirements in coordination with the departments and specified them using professional methods and tools. On the basis of the developed requirement specifications team generated the tender documents for building the system and managed the tender process including the award of contract.

Until end of 2015 team is supporting the project as external supervisor. The main focus is set on the project roll-out according to the V-model XT, utilising iterative incremental software development. Further key issues are quality assurance and monitoring the suppliers during the integration and acceptance process.