Hong Kong Aeronautical Information Management

Hong Kong AIM System

The Hong Kong AIM System is the communication network and source of information for all aspects of ATM (Air Traffic Management) in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong AIM covers the entire spectrum of Aeronautical Information Management.

This includes NOTAM (Notices to Airmen), which are short-term alterations of the infrastructure such as the closure of a runway. Further components of the Hong Kong AIM are briefings and internet briefings, flight schedule management, publication tools, the management of electronic terrain and obstacle databases (eTOD) and the management of static data, based on the AIXM standard, which is constant, long-term information of the infrastructure (runways, taxiways, navigation facilities).

Contracted by Frequentis, team was responsible for the software solution architecture, requirements engineering and data migration. team supported the project due to its long standing domain know-how.