Traffic Information Austria (VAO)

The platform “Traffic Information Austria” (VAO, is the very first intermodal Austrian-wide traffic information platform involving different means of transport. The Austrian motorway company ASFINAG and the VAO operating company appointed team with the design and the coordination of the system architecture as well as with the management of the system integration.

The key task was to develop the governing system architecture, taking the suppliers into account. Particularly important was the loose coupling of the system components, such as the routing engine for individual traffic and public transport. They are linked using a “messaging bus” in order to achieve high flexibility and scalability of the overall system. The performance of the system was further ensured on the basis of specific load tests.

As system integrator team planned the platform taking all suppliers into account. In addition team also has a supervising role aiming at providing an altogether well-functioning platform in time and meeting quality assurance requirements.