Smart Meter Implementation Network Burgenland

The implementation of IMA-VO initiates new technologies and systems and herewith induces comprehensive changes of existing procedures as well as the introduction of state-of-the-art AMI processes. Such extensive alterations entail significant risks. Therefore, bringing in experienced consultants and project service providers is a sensible measure in order to reduce risks.

In a partnership with Tieto, team was selected to support project planning, the creation of requirements specifications, the supervision of the tender, and a process analysis with its “hands-on” expertise. This is exactly what teams` experts and processes offer – we apply our knowledge and our abilities in a specific situation of a project environment.

The benefit of our technical and scientific support originates precisely by this particular application and yields sustainable results. The implementation of smart metering is a one-time challenge. It establishes a sound basis for operational optimisation, new customer offers and modifies the systems and processes of power utilities substantially.