Site Supervision Signalling & Telecom

The new, predominantly subterraneously built, ETCS Level 2 railway track of approximately 45 km was equipped with state-of the-art, redundant communication technology, in order to provide the requirements for a safe and reliable operation process, even in case of emergency. The expertise of team in planning and supervising fibre-optic technology, tunnel radio installations, analogue radio, TETRA and GSM-R as well as IP voice and data networks was an important prerequisite for meeting deadlines and quality standards within this very challenging and time-critical large-scale project.

team‘s responsibility includes the supervision and control of detailed documentations for operation as well as of as-built documentations. Professionally qualified, team monitored the material and system selection process, the on-going coordination and control of the implementation, test planning and also the actual test process. Determining and eliminating deficiencies was a particularly comprehensive task as well as subsequently the verification process, including efficiency control and taking correlating mitigation measures.