Project Management Telephony “Service im Bund”

Within the framework of the “efficiency enhancement programme” of the Austrian federal administration, the sector telephony was also examined in order to identify potentials for the reorganisation of system procurement and operation. This was when the project SiB (Service im Bund) was initiated.

team‘s consulting mandate involves supporting the Bundesbeschaffungsgesellschaft (BBG), an Austrian central institution responsible for national procurement. The services include the concept process and the technical planning of information and communication technology system solutions, especially in the area telephony solutions (VoIP).

Accordingly, team is responsible for the technical concept and the development of the requirement specifications. In coordination with the “Bundesrechenzentrum” (BRZ), the IT provider for the Federal Departments in Austria, team is in charge of the project management, the supervision of the implementation process and of the acceptance of the new VoIP-based telephony system. The implemented VoIP clusters are permanently refined and are at present one of the largest in Austria respectively in Europe. The modular work station models developed by team feature considerable advantages for the procurement process, as well as for the operation of the new SiB telephony system.