Meter Data Management Tender VKW

ogether with the meter infrastructure, the Meter Data Management System represents the centerpiece of the implementation of the intelligent EU-wide Measuring Instrument Directive. In 2020, eighty percent of all households will possess an intelligent measuring device. Consumption and net information will be provided in a new quality, thus increasing the awareness of energy use.

Illwerke VKW has appointed team with the requirements analysis, process modelling and supervision of the procurement of the Meter Data Management System. In an interdisciplinary project our teamExperts monitor the mutual analysis and structuring of requirements and contribute their extensive experience to the comprehensive and targeted development of the tender documents. The unique challenge is configuring the MDM system in a way that it is amenable for future alterations and technologies, hereby ensuring the technical feasibility of the undertaking, which is to be realised in stages.

In the role of an “Enabler” team is introducing new technology, establishing methods and tools and applying them to the customer’s advantage – we value the trust supporting such key project.