GSM-R QoS – Verification of ETCS Level 2

ETCS Level 2 sets particularly high standards concerning quality and availability of the communication bearer service GSM-R. The verification of TSI conformity, especially the “quality of service” is a requirement for homologation. Apart from the QoS, planning parameters, redundancy (BSS, MSC), capacity, roaming and user profiles as well as the criteria for network licences of GSM-R terminals have to be analysed.

team‘s key tasks and results are the derivation of a suitable test procedure and of test plans as well as the configuration of a measurement system for an efficient measurement process. Hereby team is also responsible for the design of a system for evaluating (geo)graphical measurement results and for the verification management. During the test runs and the analysis of the results, recommendations for optimisation were given, realised and gradually verified via successive measurement runs.