Electronic Flight Strip System

State-of-the-art IT systems like the so-called “Electronic Flight Display (EFD)” nowadays replace the over decades well-proven paper strips of the National Air Traffic Services UK (NATS).

With this electronic system for managing flight information, air traffic controllers monitor and control air traffic and ensure the integrity of information of work stations and control sectors.

team was appointed by Frequentis to support in the areas requirements engineering and test management.

Very high safety requirements were demanded from the proposed system (ED109, Software Assurance Level 2). All these requirements were furthermore to be verified by test cases so that a faultless implementation was proven and ensured.

team supported the contracting entity in the analysis, development, administration and review of the user- and system requirements, as well as of the test specifications. In this context a traceable mapping of requirements was developed integrating the system draft, all requirements and test cases.