DoRIS – Infrastructure Implementation River Information Service

DoRIS (Donau River Information Services) is a radio based data communication (ITS) system for inland waterway transport. It requires the development and utilisation of state-of-the-art data transmission and processing systems. The data-only radio is based on the AIS standard (Automatic Identification System for Ships) and guarantees full compatibility with maritime AIS systems.

team took over the technical project management and the realisation of the roll-out of the radio infrastructure for Frequentis. Hereby team could apply its comprehensive experience in the domain ITS and in roll-out planning of telecommunication and IT systems.

This project was a key project for the Europe-wide standardisation of an ITS system for the continuous almost real-time monitoring of shipping traffic. It was the very first time that AIS technology, known from maritime shipping, was adapted to the specific requirements of inland navigation.